About Me


That’s me, and that’s my school of life,
where I have been helping people with spiritual and
spiritual and physical problems for 20 years,
to bring light and lightness back into their lives.

One of my best friends once called me Bubaschka. My clients affectionately call me the herbal witch, the bundle of energy or even the „last resort“.

Let’s find out together what I can be for you. In light and love.

My spiritual journey

Even as a child, my favourite place to spend time was in the forest. The pines, oaks and spruce groves of the Dunkelsteinerwald forest rose up behind my parents‘ house. I lay down in the lush green moss and looked at the treetops swaying evenly back and forth above me. I listened to their gentle rustling and groaning and loved talking to the trees. Each one sounded different.

I had a constant companion, a figure of light, an elf called Maria. She was the one who took me by the hand and showed me the wondrous places in the forest. I learnt a lot about herbs and their uses from my elf and many other nature beings. Every plant is a gift from God.

Through these wonderful experiences of nature and my knowledge of the different universal energies, I soon also gained access to the angels. When I was about 25, the angels gave me my first initiation. This happened to my friend. Her daughter had injured herself and she had to go to hospital. She couldn’t leave her grandmother, who was in need of care, alone and so I offered to look after her. To pass the time, I looked for something to read and came across a set of angel cards. I was immediately mesmerised by them. I took them out, spread them out in front of me and at the same moment I was lifted up, the space-time continuum dissolved. I was carried by an angel into a marvellous cave in the middle of a canyon. I felt completely safe, secure and a joyful excitement flowed through my body. Seven archangels were waiting for me. They asked me to lie down on a stone altar. I did as I was told. The angels approached the altar, positioned themselves around it and blessed me with their kindness. At the very end, Archangel Raphael approached me, put his green robe of healing on me and instructed me to change my life. I was to place myself in the service of love and thus contribute to the healing of people and the earth.

Deeply moved and grateful, I humbly accepted this mission. I quit my job and trained in naturopathy and spirituality.

My decision was the right one, as I felt a deep sense of inner peace during this phase of upheaval and new beginnings.

„Martina, the babushka“

A text by the author Katharina Grabner-Hayden

Everyone knows and loves them, the cute little wooden dolls from Russia. The colourfully painted toy lies lightly in the hand. When you open it, the surprise is great, because an even more beautiful little wooden figure is always revealed.
She is just like that – a babushka.

She arrives and the room is filled with light-hearted cheerfulness and cheerful laughter. As colourful as her life, she meets her fellow human beings with a warmth that is second to none. She enjoys life without being selfish and has a deep reverence for the power of creation.

She opens hearts in conversation and is a gifted listener. The characteristics of her wooden figurines are warm-heartedness, understanding, knowledge and curiosity, loyalty to principle and helpfulness. But the last and therefore the most beautiful is her love.
Love for her fellow human beings and for nature in harmony with a higher principle, a universal power. She feels secure in this and it is the source of her inexhaustible strength. No coercion, no preconceived opinions or solutions determine her attitude or her actions, it is a constant mutual learning and growing with others.
You can let yourself go with her, she holds and catches you. She is convinced that love is the only good that increases when it is shared.

Martina is one, is my babushka, cheerful, multi-layered and lovable,
and my personal angel.

Your friend Katharina

Martina Kammerhofer

Balance des Lebens – The School of Life
Oberer Sonnenweg 8
3508 Paudorf

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