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Uhane – Hawaiian Soul Therapy

Uhane Soul Therapy is a holistic healing modality that focuses on the spiritual and energetic dimension of the human being to promote emotional well-being and personal growth. This form of therapy is often associated with Hawaiian wisdom and culture and offers a variety of benefits.

Over the course of their lives, many people experience emotional trauma, stress and inner turmoil that affect their well-being and quality of life. These emotional challenges can manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences or a sense of alienation from oneself. Conventional therapeutic approaches do not always reach the deep layers of the soul that are necessary for comprehensive healing and personal development.

Uhane Soul Therapy offers a powerful way to address these emotional blockages and psychological wounds. It utilises the wisdom and spirituality of Hawaiian culture to offer a unique, holistic form of therapy. The agitation lies in the fact that conventional therapeutic approaches are not always sufficient to treat the roots of emotional problems and enable profound healing.

The solution lies in Uhane Soul Therapy, which offers a profound spiritual and energetic approach. This form of therapy integrates energy work, meditation, rituals and ceremonies to heal emotional wounds, reduce stress, strengthen self-esteem and create a deeper spiritual connection. It facilitates self-reflection and personal growth by encouraging the client to better understand themselves and experience emotional healing.


Emotional Healing

Uhane soul therapy can help to heal deep-seated emotional wounds and restore inner peace. It offers a safe space to deal with emotional challenges.

Stress Relief

The therapy promotes relaxation and stress reduction. By working with energy and spiritual techniques, stressful tensions can be released.

Self-discovery and self-esteem

Uhane soul therapy can help to deepen your understanding of yourself and increase your self-esteem. This enables personal growth and development.

Connection to spirituality

The therapy promotes the connection to one’s own spirituality and to nature. It helps to expand spiritual awareness and establish a deeper connection to the world.

The Uhane soul therapy process

Consultancy and objectives

At the beginning, there is usually a counselling session in which the therapist discusses the client’s needs and goals.

Energy work

Uhane soul therapy often involves energy work in which the therapist identifies and releases blockages in the energy flow. This can be done through touch, meditation or other techniques.

Rituals & Ceremonies

Hawaiian culture and wisdom play an important role in Uhane Soul Therapy. This can include rituals, chants and ceremonies to create a deeper spiritual connection.

Self Reflexion

The client is encouraged to self-reflect and express their thoughts and feelings. This can help to process emotions and promote emotional healing.


At the end of the session, the therapist discusses the client’s experiences and progress and, if necessary, makes recommendations for further work.

Uhane Soul Therapy can be a transformative experience, helping people to free themselves from emotional burdens and deepen their spiritual journey. It is important to consult a qualified therapist who is proficient in this form of therapy to achieve the best results and ensure it meets individual needs.

Pricing & Info

Uhane soul therapy
approx. 1 hour incl. therapeutic oil for follow-up treatment at home

€ 85,00

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Uhane – Hawaiian Soul Therapy

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Uhane – Hawaiian Soul Therapy

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