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Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing is a spiritual practice that aims to clear an individual’s energetic aura of negative influences in order to promote emotional, mental and physical well-being. This practice is based on the idea that the aura, an energetic field around the body, can be shaped by various influences. Here are the benefits and the typical process of aura cleansing:

Many people carry negative energies, emotional baggage and blockages in their aura, a subtle energy field that surrounds the physical body. These negative influences can affect well-being, mental clarity and emotional balance. The state of the aura is closely linked to personal well-being and spiritual health.

The agitation stems from the fact that many people do not know how to cleanse their aura to rid it of these negative energies. In a world characterized by stress, toxicity and emotional distress, aura cleansing is a necessary practice to protect one’s energy and vitality.

Aura cleansing is an effective solution to rid the aura of negative influences and increase well-being. It includes a variety of spiritual and energetic techniques to scan the aura, recognize blockages and dissolve them. Commonly used methods include energy work, rituals, breathing exercises, meditation and the use of healing stones or incense.

The benefits of aura cleansing are manifold. By removing blockages and negative energies, stress is reduced, emotional balance is restored and mental clarity is promoted. This leads to an increased sense of well-being, inner peace and a deeper connection to the spiritual dimension of life.


Stress Relief

A cleansed aura can help to reduce stress and tension as negative energies and emotional burdens are removed.

Emotional Stability

By cleansing the aura, stressful emotions and old burdens can be dissolved, which can lead to emotional stability and inner peace.

Energetic renewal

A cleansed aura can increase energy and vitality, as blockages are dissolved and life energy can flow freely again.

Spiritual growth

Aura cleansing can deepen spiritual awareness and strengthen the connection to the spiritual world.

Aura cleansing procedure

1. Preparation

The practitioner and client prepare for the cleansing ceremony, often through meditation or breathing exercises, to enter a relaxed state.

2. Energy Work

The practitioner can use various techniques to scan the client’s aura and identify blockages or negative energies. This can be done by laying hands, crystals, incense or other tools.

3. Purification rituals

The actual cleansing often involves rituals in which the practitioner shields or neutralizes the negative energy. This can be done through prayer, visualization or other spiritual practices.

4. Physical cleansing

After cleansing the aura, it is often recommended to also cleanse the physical body by taking a shower or bath to get rid of possible negative energies.

5. Debriefing

After the cleansing, the practitioner discusses the experience with the client and may give recommendations on how to maintain the cleansed aura.

It is important to note that color light therapy is not a scientifically recognized medical treatment. Nevertheless, some people report positive results and improvements in their general well-being after using this therapy. Before undertaking color light therapy, it is advisable to speak to a qualified therapist and ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

Pricing & Info

Aura Cleansing
approx. 1 hour incl. therapeutic oil for post-treatment at home

€ 85,00


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